Thursday, September 13, 2012

Veganizing the Waldorf-Astoria red velvet cake recipe

I remember a story from my childhood about the $300 Waldorf-Astoria red cake recipe. The story details have morphed, but I still find versions of that story. We believed the details of the typewritten recipe passed from homemaker to homemaker. Thinks I wouldn't touch today were smashed and stirred into the batter,including butter - lots of it, red cake dye - lots of it, and sugar - lots of it, also!

These small 'cakes' remind me of the Waldorf-Astoria cake, but much more manageable than the culinary behemoths my mother and her neighbors proudly produced with 'the precious recipe' in hand, with which to celebrate each endearing gift to treasured friends, neighbors, and family members.

In my LONG tenure as a vegan, I've learned that nearly everything can be veganized.  SOME veganization requires more effort; other veganization is much quicker and more direct.

Can a 'fantastic looking' cake or pie be veganized?  Without a doubt.  Whatever you see COULD be (made) vegan (with only a little effort).

NOTES: The Unknown History of the Red Velvet Cake

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