Saturday, May 22, 2010

Universalizing Veggie Pride Parade across every continent, in every major population center on the planet

I want to see Veggie Pride Parades in EVERY major North American and European City would be GREAT !!! Just recruit local volunteers and provide volunteer staffing backbone to indigenous leadership, as we saw Pamela Rice do in NYC. It's POSSIBLE to see such a movement in every major population center on the planet, followed by annual off-season vegetarian food fairs.

Earthsave organizers have already said that it's such a huge undertaking, so hopefully one day, but ...
Not only does it 'get the word out', but it's a way to reward ALL those still-living and yet unsung heroes and heroines who have given courageously and selflessly through the decades and generations to make our PRESENT state of vegetarian and vegan awareness possible - and to tap yet-untapped resources in the historic struggle to put off the old ways that degrade life and society, and move together towards a brighter - and healthier and greener - future.

I think we COULD outline or list the STEPS required to get to that point, which could include, I'd suggest (in addition to making that list)  
  1. a manual of documentation on 'How to set up a Veggie Pride Parade' in YOUR city - probably commissioned by Pamela Rice of NYC, who does this annually, who could oversee the final product, or end product; this could be hosted at an IVU website, as VUNA hosts 'How to start a local vegetarian group'
  2. a frank discussion about the obstacles, the challenges and potentials, the pros and cons, etc. of doing this sort of thing; ideological challenges likely come from the abolitionists, who think that promoting anything OTHER than the moral and legal RIGHTS of all persons is 'getting in bed with the devil' (and promoting something which affirms evildoers freedom, rights, and powers to continue doing evil, as are welfarism and libertarianism, etc.)
  3. speculating about possible resources for doing this, including what social groups (in cultural anthropology, we discuss this in terms of 'the social sources' of some value, activity, energy, or potentials)
  4. talking this up on the Internet among vegetarian lists (cross-posting the IDEA that it could be done in major urban population centers)
  5. establishing an e-mail list - a public list perhaps at Yahoo Groups, where resources and discussion could take place among SERIOUS contributions, but membership should be controlled and postings moderated.
Let's have some discussion on this.

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John said...

I think an appropriate course of action would be to, in each major city, establish a large public shrine of Maynard Solomon Clark. Devotees could undergo a pilgrimage to it where they would worship it while holding bee's wax-free candles and dripping soy milk on each other's bare groins.

Since it is well known that Maynard is an avid drinker of water and avid rider of the MBTA, some appropriate devotion rituals could include riding the T while chanting and pouring water on one another's supple teats.

The logical conclusion of this most holy day would be of course a direct private worship of Maynard's Godly beard. Devotees could approach the alter (the alter being the dauntless face of Maynard upon which the beard sits) and sensually (after asking permission of course) grind the beard into their body part of choosing. Oooohh yeah. Rub it in. Uh uh uh! Not too long! You are not worthy of experiencing such pious friction! Bow down and ask for forgiveness! Ahem. Anyway, yeah, I think if all major cities could do this, awareness would be increased.

Oh, and for European cities, worshipers could stuff preserved meats into their pants while rhythmically pounding a staff into a ground while chanting the lyrics to Tom Jones' "It's not unusual". In Sweden in particular, participants might slap each other's sisters with ocean fish or socks full of lemon zest and cow hearts.